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Welcome to our website. Our Club was formed in 1993 and is based in Congleton, an attractive old market town in south Cheshire.

We are a very active group and ensure that membership is a great way of enjoying fellowship and becoming involved in various trips, visits and other social activities.

Visitors from other Probus Clubs are most welcome - please contact our Secretary in the first instance.

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Mon 20 Aug 2018
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Monthly meeting
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June 2017 news

Mon 12 Jun 2017

The speaker at our meeting on Monday the 19th of June will be Bob Kermeen and his subject will be ‘Who killed Dr. Kelly?’ Bob writes under the pseudonym of R.W. Kay and has previously given us talks on the subjects of ‘War Gaming’ and also ‘Iraq from WW1 to Saddam Hussein’.

Trained as a software engineer in the RAF specialising in simulations and war gaming, Bob is able to draw on his expert knowledge and experience, crafting a gripping trilogy about espionage and the dark world of chemical and biological weapons during the war with Iran.  The first of the trilogy, 'A Nastia Game', proved its success by winning the Editors' Award.  This was followed up by 'Bin Laden's Nemesis', and finally the story concludes in 'Iraq's Retribution'.  

His talk at our meeting will cover: Who was Kelly? Why he couldn’t have committed suicide. Why should someone or some organisation want him dead. Who are these organisations? A speculative answer.

It should be a very interesting morning and if you are a retired man from either a business or professional background and you would like to come along, listen to the talk and find out more about the Club then please contact us via our website and we shall be pleased to make you welcome as a guest of one of our members.